Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Design Your Own Custom Men’s Dress Shirts Label

Design Your Own Custom Men’s Dress Shirts Label

You thought mens custom dress shirt monograms were cool? You can also design your own  label. At Natty Shirts, we don’t try to brand you like other designers. We’re not Louis Vuitton or Paul Smith. We’re YOUR Label. Our custom men’s dress shirts come with (literally) gray blank labels. So you can opt to have the label read, “Joe’s Label, “Tim’s Label” or anything you want really. Just make it your own.

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Design Your Own Personalized Label

Dress Shirt Placket Label:

Get your own personalized label at the very bottom of your placket that reads “(Your Name Here)’s Label”, and let your custom men’s dress shirt hang loose! With this special label, you can easily call people out for staring at your crotch. Maybe it’s because they’re admiring your personalized dress shirt, or maybe it’s because they’re just pervs.

Dress Shirt Inner Collar Label:

Get your very own “(Name)’s Label” tag for your personally branded dress shirt. You know how all other retailers have their brand tag on the inside collar of their dress shirts? Well, make your next dress shirt your own! Design your own dress shirt label now.